Power Industry – Higher efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art measuring technology

Solutions for power plants

The energy market continues to be a growth market: due to the increasing need for energy and electricity, there are currently more than 230 new power plants under construction or planned around the world. Based on estimates, more than 800 billion euros will be invested every year in the power plant market by the year 2030. This includes not only new constructions but also the overhauling of existing power plants. Measuring technology plays an important role here: the deciding factor when it comes to the efficiency of a power plant is the accuracy of the measurements. The more accurate the measurements, the more efficient the power plant. That translates into increased sales for the operator.

If this optimization is run seriously, conventional measuring instruments such as orifice plates soon reach their limits. Such situations call for modern measurement technology such as that supplied by KROHNE to the power generation market. Our range of products includes flow, level and temperature measurement for liquid and gaseous media; depending on the application, we offer you a variety of measuring principle alternatives. The future of energy supply requires efficiency and environmental friendliness - We help you achieve both!

To gain an overview of the measuring stations in the various types of power plants, please use the navigation menu to select the desired type of power plant. Please contact our Sales department for more information!